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At Brite Cricket Academies, we cater Girls and Boys crickers of all age & skill levels with highly professional training sessions, 1 to 1 classes, specialized camps, domestic and international tours to enable them have an edge both on and off the field.

Brite Cricket Training Center in Noida

Professional Cricket Coaching Academy

Getting the Knack of the Cricket Game

At Brite Future we consider training to be an inseparable part of a successful sports campus. We emphasize on quality training without which you cannot pursue the game following correct rules and norms. All successful sports people have undergone regular training to have a bright future ahead. It will also help them maintain their set of skills in the genre. From the time you are young we will let you get trained by professional coaches with the great set up at the cricket Training Center in Noida. With the right professional cricket guidance in Noida aspiring youths are coming up with brilliant sports talent.

Vital Cricket Guidanc

We have the Cricket Training Center in Greater Noida doing the needful in shaping bright and prospective careers. We provide the right guidance at the place to see you at the pinnacle of success. If you are serious about the game of cricket here you have the astounding opportunity at Professional Cricket Coaching Academy in Noida Greater Noida with the name of Brite Future Foundation. We feel the necessity for you to hire a coach who will guide you on and off the field letting you learn the cricket philosophy in details. Once you can catch up with the gaming phenomenon things are sure to be smooth on the bat.

Right Cricket Knowledge is Necessary

We are one of the best at Professional Cricket Coaching Academy in greater Noida. Here we let you know about the rules right from the beginning. If you start with all things right in place no one can stop you from going ahead in the field. If the techniques are not correct in your mind at the initial phase, it will be hard to correct them and improvise later on. If you are on the right track from the beginning it will be easy for you to pick up things as you move on in the game. Here at Specialized Cricket Coaching in Greater Noida we let you develop right cricket attitude to stay long in the game.

Cricket Program


Brite Future Cricket Academy strictly follows coaching modules of Board Of Control For Cricket In India (BCCI) and National Cricket Academy(NCA).
We firmly believe in development through interactive activities and drills.

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International Connections :

  • The Cricket Asylum, Yorkshire, England.
  • First Class Cricket Academy, Surrey, England.
  • Darren Lehmann Cricket Academy, Adelaide, Australia.
  • Chatsworth Cricket Academy, Durban, South Africa.

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Sanjay SINHA

This academy is about more than just improving a players skill, it’s about developing invaluable life experiences that will be used beyond the game of cricket.

Skills Targeted

Brite Cricket Academy will aim to improve a wide range of skills used both on and off the pitch.


Beginner: Batting Grip, Stance, Back lift, Head Position, Feet Position, Initial Movements, Improvement through various Batting drills.

Intermediate: Learn how to face both pace and spin bowling, Front foot & Back foot movements, Focus on improving techniques, Developing Vertical and Horizontal bat shots, Learn the art of Running between the Wickets, Inculcating the values of team work, Developing self belief and Goal setting.

Advance: Adaptability, Pressure Handling, Individual Goal setting, Understanding Individual role for the team, Situation handling, Improvising skills etc.


Beginner: Bowling Grip, Run up, Loading, Release, Follow through, Improving through various bowling drills.

Intermediate: Develop art of Swing Bowling, Spin Bowling, Maintaining Accuracy, Knowing self strengths and weaknesses, Learn to plan and bowl as per the match situation etc.

Advance: Pressure handling, Developing variations, Learn to improvise in bowling as per the match situation, knowing self and team’s goal etc.


Beginner: Hand Position, Head & eye position, Close and outfield catching, Ground fielding, Throwing techniques etc.

Intermediate: Attacking fielding, Defensive fielding, Cutting Angles during ground fielding, Fielding abilities at specific positions, Ball retrieving and sliding ability, Positive mindset.

Advance: Develop specialized fielding position skills.


Develop the following areas of each player to become successful in the game: Strength, Speed, Agility, Flexibility, Endurance

Mental Strength through:

Personal Development: Focus on Leadership skills, Communication Skills, Team work skills, Pressure handling skills, Motivational skills etc.

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